Buckin’ Bacon

1. leaner than traditional belly bacon
2. more flavorful than Canadian bacon
3. the middle child of the bacon family

Uncured Buckin’ Bacon may be the middle child of the bacon world, but it deserves it’s place in the spotlight! Just what makes it so special? My, my, my. Where shall we start? You can feel great about eating this artisan style bacon because it comes from the center of the pork shoulder which makes it a much leaner option than traditional bacon. Naturally, this means it’s much meatier and heartier, too. And, not to mention, it’s seriously delicious, is made with no sugar, is Paleo Friendly and Whole30 Approved!

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1 review for Buckin’ Bacon

  1. Paul
    0 out of 5

    Great tasting and very lean bacon!! Very hard to purchase in Louisiana…only store is whole foods and they are always out! Would like to see products in the Lake Charles area.

  2. Curtis D Gatterson
    5 out of 5

    Thanks for putting this product out, I really enjoy the taste and it helps me stay within my daily macros for fats and protein without adding sugars. It’s a big deal in our household, keep up the great work.

  3. Carol Cobb
    0 out of 5

    We loooove this bacon. We buy several packages at a time (Whole Foods) and bake all of them, then freeze most and pull out more as we need it. Never want to be without! Thank you so much for this great tasting product!

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