Little Smokies

The party favorite of folks both young and old is perfected with Pederson’s Little Smokies.  Fully cooked and full of flavor, these little guys make it tough to show up empty handed!

1 review for Little Smokies

  1. Michael Duderstadt
    5 out of 5

    Pderson’s Little Smokies are the BEST little sausages I have ever had in my entire life. NO JOKE. I have tried small sausages from common brands found at grocery stores across the country. Hands down there is no comparison between those sausages and these ones. These ones do cost a bit more but the value is way better than any other sausages because they are SO MUCH BETTER TASTIER. If you ever have the chance to try these you will never be satisfied with Hillshire Farms or Oscar Mayer again. Just thought you deserved a fair warning because I sure haven’t ever been able to go back.

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