Uncured No Sugar Hickory Smoked Bacon – Natural, Paleo Bacon!

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Yes, you read that right! Finally, there is a paleo bacon available nationwide in your local grocery stores! And, it’s the same Pederson’s quality that you’ve grown to love. Our pork is raised without the use of antibiotics or growth stimulants and fed no animal by-products… EVER! Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no added nitrates or nitrites, no gluten, no lactose, no MSG, and NO sweeteners! In fact, if you’d like to see how our bacon is made, check it out HERE. We think you’ll love our No Sugar Bacon!


Pork, Water, Less Than 2%: Salt, Vinegar, Celery Powder.

2 reviews for Uncured No Sugar Hickory Smoked Bacon – Natural, Paleo Bacon!

  1. Destiny C
    5 out of 5

    Doing my first Whole30 and this was just what I was looking for! It’s Delicious! I think I like it better than “regular” bacon!

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  2. Kristie
    5 out of 5

    I wasn’t looking specifically for Paleo bacon, but what sold me was that the bacon didn’t have added sugar for “flavor.” I’ve become very aware of how much sugar is added to nearly everything these days, so finding your bacon was a nice surprise. I cooked it up last night for dinner, and it was heavenly! I could tell a difference in the taste, and to me it tasted fresher and a tiny bit milder than regular bacon. Thank you for the great option!!

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      So glad our nutrition and sustainability initiatives align with yours, Kristie! We also have sugar free ham, buckin’ bacon, and kielbasa sausage so be sure to check those out when you get a chance! Have a wonderful day!

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