All Natural Beef – New Product Launch

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We are now offering all natural beef, here’s the scoop.

Welcome! My name is Stacy Dudley, Director of Marketing for Pederson’s Natural Farms.  If you aren’t familiar with Pederson’s, let me introduce you. The foundation of our brand is built on delivering a premium, all natural and organic product that consumers can trust. Our company mantra is “Food you feel good about feeding your family”.

That said, Pederson’s is not simply a logo. We are not simply a product. We are far more than that. We are a group of real people who strive towards the same goals of honesty, integrity, and good stewardship. Those things are the heartbeat of our company. From plant workers to research and development to our president to shipping and receiving to everything in between, our values pulse through each individual.

We understand the importance of having one of the best research and development teams in the industry.  When we are challenged with new products, new ideas, and new needs, we not only meet expectations, we surpass them. We surpass them because we are able to rally our entire company together to turn around customized solutions that work. It is these sorts of successes that make Pederson’s Natural Farms a superior all natural and organic meat producer.

What are we getting at here? Well, we’d like to introduce you to our latest line of products. We count this as one of our successes. We count this as one of those things that makes us exceptional.

Click here for the No Meat Left Behind Blog about the launch of our all natural beef line!

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