All Things Bacon!

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This past weekend I had a “girls weekend” with the girls in the family. My mom, sister, and I, plus my two cousins, aunt, and grandma. Bound to be fun right?

Well this girl weekend was going to consist of fun in Fredricksburg, Luckenbach, and whatever else we decided along the way. Which just so happened to be Enchanted Rock and a tour of a winery.

When we arrived in Fredricksburg we did what any normal group of girls would do…we started shopping. After first getting some delicious ice cream. We slowly made our way through all the stores we could find that interested us! Some had crazy prices while some were selling crazy things.

Speaking of crazy things, we also happened to wander into a chocolate and candy shop (what girl doesn’t want chocolate?!) The first thing I notice when I walk in is the big pile of chocolate covered bacon that is behind the glass counter. Wait. Hold up. Chocolate.. Chocolate Covered Bacon?! Say that slowly with me. Just saying it tastes good. Two of my favorite things together? Sweet and salty? Yes please!

So, I got in line to get this chocolate covered bacon and as I was standing in the long line something caught my eye on the candy shelves. This candy store had a whole section of “bacon” products. Bacon candy, bacon gumballs, bacon lollipops, bacon gummies, bacon on bacon on bacon!! And as the line moved forward I continued my investigation of all things bacon and found BACON SODA! Naturally, I bought one to bring back to the people of Pedersons, just couldnt pass up sharing this bacon oddity.

After this overflow of bacon sweetness, I got to thinking about what would be next, or that I haven’t seen! Bacon peppermints? Hershey’s kisses with a bacon center? I feel like the possibilities are endless when it comes to bacon.

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