Bacon and Egg Biscuit

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Making the circle shaped egg

Pederson’s cherry wood smoked bacon

This morning I decided to make the biscuit recipe that I saw on the Martha Stewart Show a few weeks ago. It’s from a place in Brooklyn called Pies ‘N’ Thighs. I’ve never eaten there, but the biscuits looked so good, I wanted to make them.

The recipe makes 16, which was way too many, so I halved it. It was pretty easy since the food processor does most of the work. The surprising thing is how much you can knead the dough without it getting tough. On the segment, the chef really went at it. Then, it was also surprising how thick you roll (or, in my case, pat because it didn’t really need rolling) the dough before you cut it.

They came out fabulously. The top and bottom were crunchy and golden. The interiors were soft, tender and flaky. I could pull apart the biscuit in layers like in a Pillsbury commercial, minus the chemical preservatives. I ate the first one with butter and sage flower honey from Bill’s Bees from the Santa Monica farmer’s market.

I took a few to Ryan and Grandma and Ryan had the idea of making a sausage biscuit. So I decided to make an egg and bacon biscuit. I thought I’d be cute and make a circle shaped egg like at McD’s, but it didn’t turn out as well as I thought it would. I olive oiled the entire cookie cutter (the same size as the biscuit), and it was fine until I tried to flip it and it got stuck. Oops.

Still, it was really tasty. I think I’ll just keep it simple next time because the biscuits are pretty rich by themselves.

I couldn’t take pictures from the beginning because I had dough all over my hands. I suppose I should have had Ryan come over to document the process.

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