Bacon Perfume??

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Beef girl back again. Last weekend I was busy busy busy at the Texas Hereford Show in Belton. Although I didn’t get to go till I got all my bacon work done.

By the time I got there, my mom had already updated everyone on my awesome new internship and how I work with bacon daily. And everyday I look forward to coming to work because everyday is different! I get to do so many different things and learn so much. One day I may be learning how the smokehouses work and the next I will be learning how to make the sausage. It is a never-ending learning experience and I don’t think I could have been any luckier, and it is especially awesome since I am so close to home. I have to be sure to keep up my journal so I know what all I have done and learned! (Definitely learning more than I did in that Intro to food science class, way more hands-on!!!)

Well back to my story about the stock show I was at…everyone there couldn’t resist telling me I smelled like bacon, some asking if it was a new perfume. HA. HA. Not that I mind smelling like bacon. It has almost seeped into all my clothes and hair even! I am going to be going back to OSU smelling like delicious bacon!

The show went very well with over 300 head of cattle there, and I was sure to tell everyone all about how awesome Pederson’s is and explain to them that it is all natural yummy bacon. I think I even convinced some of them to stop by Hamilton and get some bacon! (I wonder if i could get commission for that??!) Even though my fellow beef people found it strange that I was speaking all about pork they were intrigued by what I do.

Slowly I guess I am turning into a pork girl. (Or maybe bacon wrapped beef girl??)

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  1. Linda Romine's

    Enjoying your blogs on summer internship. I guess to be well rounded (no pun intended) we need a little beef and a little pork.

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