Could We or Should We?

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Read some thoughts from my good friend Tim Frasier below as a response to my question, Is there anyone transferring bison embryo’s to beef cattle mommas?

“There are many solutions to production that the beef industry has tried and selected animals that respond over hundereds of years. We, buffalo-nuts, stay away from most all of it because it is the animal, as is, that carries the cool-factor and industry with it, forward. A.I., embryo transfer, cloning, growth promotants  and all things un-natural will be rejected even if possible. The philosophy of bison husbandry and industry inclusion requires of us that even when we find something that is done simply because it could, we always ask the question of ourselves, if we should. What you find over the years is that bison are the great adaptors and can/will get along with just about anything for the purpose of survival. Just consider their resisted to extinction thus far. They are a lesson for us as stewards and remain, in my opinion, for that purpose.”

The question always remains shall we change nature or leave it alone? I am with Tim let’s leave it alone!

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