Economics and Pederson’s

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I was reading a couple articles about, natural foods and efficiency, in one of the 50 free publications that come across my desk a week. This information sparked a question in my mind. Which of the two is more important for my company? One article stated that if you were not efficient then you were dead or dying as a company. I completely contradict that statement! Our company runs as efficiently as we can but without using certain chemical additives there is no way we can compete with our bigger competitors on efficiency (we are not dying J). Technically though does that even matter! What do people really want? I think people really want what they pay for. In my case I sell meat and when people buy my products that is what they get. They don’t get some meat with as much water as possible so that my company can run efficiently. They get as much meat as I can get them and still afford to be in business. So here is what I think honesty and quality at an honest and fair price will always win the race!

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