How to eat a PW Bison Bacon Burger

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I visited the “Master of Flavor” today, around lunch time so we had a friendly business discussion while I ate a Bison Bacon Burger!

The lunch was quite enjoyable and informative too! I must say Inever considered eating a great burger like this to be much more than pure enjoyment! However after today I have a whole new perspective. Let me explain!

I took my first bite and thought to myself WOW I’m not sure how I feel about that! I mean the flavors were wonderful and the company was too! But I was being intimidated by this burger! I mean this thing had everything on it and jalapeno’s on the side! It must have been half a foot from bottom to  top and I didn’t know if I could get all that in the ole kisser for another bite. So I tried mashing it all down into a more manageable height which worked to some extent.

Still out of my range I asked the master how a guy was suppose to eat a burger like that? He gave me a quite scientific explanation passed along to him from Cody Lane  (our boss) who just happens to be an expert at the scoop and chomp Bison Bacon Burger eating method. Right then I felt much better knowing that I was not alone in my quest for a biting tactic that would work yet a little saddened that the boss already had the answer and I was just the latest person to hear about it. No gold star for me today 🙂

Anyway the master informed me that you need to scoop your bite from the bottom catching the bottom bun with your teeth and getting a partial bite started before even sending in the top side teeth. He explained how that allowed for a more manageable bite size while still giving me a good cross section of the burger (an important accomplishment if wanting to really experience the flavors). Now being new to the technique I had to try a couple bites before I really got the hang of it, but once I did biting off that intimidating burger was nothing more than an after-thought.

So today I say Thanks to the “Master of Flavor” and my boss Cody Lane for teaching me the scoop and chomp method of Bison Bacon Burger eating.

My goal is to get this technique caught on video so anyone who has ever experienced an intimidating Bison Bacon Burger will have some ammo for the fight!

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