Internal Operations Coordinator, AJ Flinn, Whole30 Is More Achievable Now Than I Thought It Would Be

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Well as this week drew to an end I found myself cleaning out my refrigerator. This time it was trying to slim down the pickings as two of us are off traveling for 10 days. So all the fresh items that we have were not going to make it with only one man eating on them.  We have been doing really well as a family eating all of a meal, leftovers and all….for the most part. I have noticed that eating Whole 30, unless I make something huge we are not ending up with so many leftovers. (my chickens enjoy all of our fruit and veggie scraps) But as this week came to an end I found myself tired of leftovers. I am beginning to miss the convenience of the phone order meal. I am being lazy in the house and really want to just order a pizza…for DELIVERY. I’ll only eat one piece and have a salad as well. I mean we live in Texas….the weather is never bad so I really do not want to spend my time in the house cooking when I can be outside enjoying the day. Anyways I am learning that it really doesn’t take all that long to throw something together. Now let me tell you it’s nothing fancy! And I am committed to staying on this path as much as possible so I am prepping myself for only a 1-2 times a month eat out limit. Feeling this is best for my family and my wallet lol! Thinking forward to a garden, green thumb I am not but I would like to try my hand at some of our favorites and see if that will help us stay on this path and keep the phone from dialing 1-800-DELIVERY.

We spent yesterday in the arena all day…so it was a Pederson’s No Sugar ham thrown in the oven and warmed up so it was piping hot and ready to go when all the chores were done. Quick easy and leftovers for several days.

I am finding that salads are staples at almost every meal. And lots of veggies at breakfast is super yummy. One thing I am still struggling with is dressings, dips and toppings. I mean I am a dipper…not a smother-er but a dipper. I like my salad dressing on the side and I like to dip my fork in it before spearing my lettuce. I have NOT mastered the making of mayo and really have struggled to have any sauce turn out decent. (Thank goodness for Nicole Davenports few dressings here and there I have gotten) They have curbed my cravings for my dips! I think that this is an area I will have to continue to be strong in and not fall back to buying dressings, etc.

On into the home stretch this is much more achievable now than I thought it would be. We have all had great support from everyone involved and I have learned a lot! I plan to do another one in March and hope by then to me able to educate myself even more and try and glean more inside info from my body!

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