International Bacon Day

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Celebrate International Bacon Day, September 4, 2010

We promise, it’s not a made-up holiday.  International Bacon Day is a world-renowned day of celebration!

In our opinion, bacon does deserve its own day on the calendar.  What would the world eat for breakfast with their eggs -who wants a plain cheeseburger, when a bacon-cheeseburger is SO much tastier – how would Grandma season her green beans, without a slice of bacon – a BLT without bacon is a yucky lettuce and tomato sandwich.  Bacon rules!

For those of you who love trivia (and that’s us here at Pederson’s Natural Farms), International Bacon Day is traditionally observed the Saturday before Labor Day.  Bacon Day was created in 2005 by a guy named Seth, who apparently, had little to do in life except create crazy holidays and eat bacon.  We thank you Seth, it’s a great food to celebrate!

Many parties will take place during this festive bacon-season.   If you are invited to one of these parties, plan to take a unique bacon dish.  You cannot arrive with a pre-cooked, wilted, skillet of plain bacon, it’s simply not done.  If you want to be the life of the party, we suggest you bring bacon-wrapped shrimp, bacon martinis, bacon cookies or the most sought after delicacy, chocolate-covered bacon.

No matter what your plans this year to celebrate International Bacon Day, Pederson’s is here to help.  We make the absolute, best bacon on the planet.  That’s a big claim for our small company; however, we are real people, producing real, natural bacon.   And that’s a great reason to celebrate!

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  1. Borozo

    You know what I do then? I save every bone and when I have 3 Ziplock bags full I make yummy bone broth. I fill my pot with the bones and all the veggies I have saved, like the ends of onnios! I fill the pot with water and 3 bay leaves tablespoon of peppercorns,2 tablespoons of raw vinegar bring to a boil~ I turn down to a simmer and allow it to simmer for 6- 24 hours. Then I pour into jars and freeze (I use cheesecloth to strain) and then I do it again with the same bones~~ I will again add the bay leaf and peppercorn and vinegar and water boil and then simmer~~~ I do this until my broth stops turning the jello consistency when cooled!! Jenni it is so good to make soup with or add to anything that calls for water!! This is the broth that heals colds and flu’s!!My first batch is always the best as you go it kind of get watered down but it it still very healthy!!Hope you get to try it someday!Love you

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