It’s Sunday in Southern California

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Today was a great Sunday in Southern California. We got a nice break from the 100 degree weather we’ve been having lately and I got out to all the stores in my southern loop to see how things are going. The aisles were packed, meat counters busy and Labor Day sales were in full swing throughout the stores! We have a big sale on rope sausages that’s just starting this week so the shelves were stocked and ready for the rush! Nothing like one final BBQ to end a great summer. My fridge is already stocked with Pederson’s Jalapeno rope sausages and all the trimmings for our pool party BBQ next weekend! If your fridge is looking slim then you should make a stop this week at your local market and get some delicious meats to spice up your BBQ. Try some of our NEW Bison sausages for a nice break from the ordinary! Have a great week everyone.

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