Just How Versatile Can Green Chile Breakfast Links Be?

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Hello all you loyal bacon lovers. It’s me the Pederson’s Natural Farms Cooking Cowboy back on the BLOG!

Ok… ok… I get it. I’m way late with my June blog. Well I have a super good excuse. I have been busy as hell.

Although, in reality my excuse is completely invalid!!! I believe you can find time to do about anything as long as it is important enough to you! Like I find time to take my daughters swimming every evening. I mean, I could have been using that time to write my BLOG. Ya right!!!!

The truth is, I really have been super busy. Pederson’s is continuing to grow and get more interest from the outside world. Summer time is typically a slow time in the yearly cycle of things here at Pederson’s. However, this year we are seeing a lot of growth with our sausage products as everyone is grilling and spending time in the great outdoors.

I would like to take this opportunity to mention one of our newer products I think you would enjoy if you get a chance to pick some up. Breakfast sausage links which come in 4 different flavors all of which are AWESOME!!!! I have found these to be one of my favorite products we make. They are fully cooked only taking a few seconds to warm up, and they are very versatile in their meal applications. Just the other day, I was saved by a couple packages of the Green Chile sausage I had brought home and put in the fridge for the family to enjoy. We ended up eating them with every meal that day. For breakfast, Savvy had two links and Kota had one dipped in maple syrup. (Kota loves her maple syrup.) I know what you are thinking… Green Chile and Maple syrup????? I don’t get it either but she loved it. I also like the fact that they are mild enough that the babies can eat them and not turn into whiney, crying, mouth burning, daddy you messed up monsters!

So, we did our morning time piddling, and it was coming up on lunch time i.e. getting close to nap. I had trapped the little beautifuls in their high chairs, and they were hungry! Suffice it to say, I was under prepared for this midday hunger attack. So, who else would come to the rescue but trusty ole Green Chile Breakfast sausage links. I popped a couple of them in the microwave, slopped some mustard on a hot dog bun, poured a couple glasses of milk, and lunch was served. It was another hit and thank goodness quick. I do need to let everyone know I did add some fresh blue berries to the mix once I had diverted their attention from “I am hungry” to “yes, I have food”!

I love nap time, and I challenge any parent that doesn’t agree to a game of who blinks first! So, nap time was great – girls wake up in like the best moods ever. I mean… nice, happy, playing together, sharing, asking politely, staying clean, and HUNGRY. Well, I bet you have guessed this one already. Yes, you are right; here come the Green Chile breakfast links again. This time I did have a little time to get prepared, so I had done a little preparation ahead of them waking up. Not much just made some shell pasta and put it in the fridge to cool off. Both the girls love pasta salad, so this is a little bit of cheating on my part, but hey… I figure if all you gotta do is make it a pasta salad, why not? Right!?!? So I cut up the sausage into little pieces and leave it cold. I stir it into the pasta along with some diced up avocado, some black beans, and a little ranch dressing mainly for the pasta salad effect. Bingo another hit! I think they each had seconds. Either way we had a great day together, and to be honest I ate a Green Chile breakfast dog for every meal mainly because the one I had for breakfast was so dang good.

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate all the feedback and comments, so keep them coming! Has anyone else ever had a Pederson’s product for every meal in a day? I would love to hear the story!!!!


The Cooking Cowboy

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