My BLTA Adventure With Bacon & Pork Sausage

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Hello, hello! So, remember how I was an outsider with… ummm… zero knowledge about bacon and sausage and… stuff? And, I got sent into the Pederson’s plant to photograph the bacon making process? And, I loved it so I wrote a blog? And, then a month or two later, I went back and photographed the sausage making process and, again, wrote a blog? Well, I have just wiggled my way right into the Pederson’s family. Bwahaha! Whether they want me or not, they’ve got me! I’m like that child that squirms right between mom & dad on the couch and just looks up at them with big wondering, innocent eyes. And, they can’t help but feel some adoration for the intrusive child. Yep, yep! That’s me. And, it’s a great place to be. Let me tell you why…

First, they obviously make some insanely great all natural meat products. I LOVE that. I’m a conscientous consumer. I have kiddos, and I honestly just don’t want to be feeding them over processed food with oodles of mystery ingredients. (Says the girl who’s eating an organic banana literally while I write this.) So, working with a company I can trust and that shares my values? Awesome

Second, let’s just say I love all the folks that work there. They’re a pretty hip bunch. Having gone to school with a few of them, it’s really fun for me to watch them be all grown up & responsible & fabulous business folks. It’s kinda wild, actually.

Third, and this is the KICKER… I’ve just kinda secured a gig with them where they occassionally give me some product (the ol’ fabulous tried & true products AND test products), and I get to take them home, cook ’em up, photograph the process, then write about it. Yes! I think they only agreed to this to shush the squeaky wheel.

First product??? Bacon & Pork Sausage. When I got my hands on that package of sausage, I brought them home & began thinking about what to make with them. It’s decided: BLTs… on a hot dog bun. Genius!

I mean, it’s grilling season, and the boyfriend just got a new big ol’ grill. Soooo, obviously, we throw ’em on the grill. Technically, we did not just throw them. This is how it went down:

  1. Fire up the grill.
  2. Let it warm to a good, even, medium heat.
  3. Grill sausages for about 12 to 15 minutes all whilst rotating them perfectly at a diagonal and then switching diagonals to give perfect grill marks.
  4. Eat… any which way you want.

(Okay, okay. So, nobody actually turns sausages on a diagonal to get perfect grill marks, do they? I made that part up, but I think it might work if you were so inclined to try it.)

We pulled them off the grill, and just threw some lettuce, tomato, mayo & avocado right on that hot dog bun with that Bacon & Pork Sausage. (If you’ve never put avocado on a BLT, try it. It will ROCK your world!)

And, I’ve got to say… ’twas delish! Sure, the flavor was a wee different than a typical BLTA, but that hint of bacon in there was perfect! My only complaint about the meal was that it was difficult to eat. That BLT on a bun thing is gonna have to be perfected. I was SUCH a mess. Of course, the cheapest hot dog buns on the planet (monetarily and quality-wise), probably only made that problem infinitely worse. The bun split completely in half the second I picked it up. (I suppose that’s what you get when you send a good ol’ boy to the grocery store.) But, overall, it was great! Sometimes the messiest foods equal the BEST tasting.

Here I am looking a little too excited about my BLT on a bun:

I wish you could have seen the boyfriend looking a little too irritated about the fact that he had to learn to use an enormous DSLR camera to take my picture before he could eat his dinner. (Was that a run-on? Felt like it.) Ha!

Until next time. (I can’t wait!!!)


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