My Tight Rope Walk

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Hello all you loyal bacon lovers! It’s me, the Pederson’s Natural Farms Cooking Cowboy back on the BLOG!

So, I’m on a tight rope and can’t decide which way to fall. In the sugar or not? Okay, let me explain. I have a father who will not eat our “famous” for superior flavor applewood smoked bacon. He is very nice and dances around the issue a lot, but I know the real reason is… wait for it… big surprise coming… he doesn’t like it! He says it’s too sweet!!!!! I know! I can’t believe it either, but it points out a very important yet oft forgotten point I need to make to myself. Not everyone likes the same thing I like, so maybe I should listen much more attentively when I hear things I can’t believe. Now, why it took me 10 years to listen I don’t know. But I heard the message loud and clear the other morning.

Stacy and I are remodeling the house so we have been floating around like gypsies from one grandparents’ house to the other giving each their fair share of grandchild time. (Really making sure to give them each their fair share of grandchild break, too.)

Dad, The Family Dog, Savvy Grace, Mom

Savvy Grace, Dad

So, I am ready for work one morning at my parents’ house, and I walk through the kitchen to the beautiful aroma of freshly prepared bacon. I can’t remember exactly what happened next, but I think my dad said something like, “smell that GREAT Wrights Brand bacon?” (To clarify, that’s the brand he has eaten since forever.) The moment the words hit my brain, I was shaken into a state of disbelief! Here I am, the Cooking Cowboy, and I can’t even make bacon my own dad will hang his hat on?!? So, I had no choice. We had to take this Wrights Brand down from its pedestal and decisively!

I sure would like to fudge the next part of the story a little bit so I could take credit for the genius, but I just can’t. Come to find out, the team back at Pederson’s had just cooked up a new recipe for no sugar bacon. I had been hearing their ideas for a while but had really not gotten too engaged. Well, the good Lord must have been setting everything up to fall right in place. I got engaged, tried a couple samples they had cooking up in the test kitchen, and realized we had a different no sugar bacon, yet still everything Pederson’s. My dad’s comment fresh on my mind, I knew I had to put his bacon taster to the test. I grabbed a couple packages on my way home that evening, and the stage was set.

The next morning rolls around, and I have everything in place down to the last detail. There was no way he was going to be able to tell any difference between Pederson’s or Wrights Brand by looking at the bacon I had prepared for him. Now, to really understand the true gravity of what I am about to tell you, I want you to know a little more about my Dad. He is analytical in everything he does, happy with life just the way it is, and slow to act/react with a judgment about almost anything. So, the stage is set, and he tries the first piece… no reaction! Here comes the second piece… no reaction! I can’t take it, so I say, “well, which one do you like the best?” He momentarily ponders the information his taste buds were supplying. Then he explains that they are both just what he likes in bacon, however he did think that one was a clear winner. I know, okay, great. Let’s get to the point! Which is the best?!?!? He points at the Pederson’s bacon, and he says, “I know this is yours, and it really is the best! It isn’t too sweet, and it’s less salty, too. Just perfect really!” No joke, at that moment, the roof opened up, and this majestic light shone down on that little pile of bacon. I couldn’t have been happier or more proud of Pederson’s as a company! I was happy we had won over the harshest critic and proud of Pederson’s for staying dynamic and willing to mold itself into what customers want.

I know this wasn’t just a one-time fluke win either because dad is out of those sample packages now and is wanting more. Ain’t life grand?!? Looks like I need not worry about that tight rope… either side is a soft landing.


The Cooking Cowboy

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  1. jim a

    Great story and it describes your dad to a t. I guess I need to get to Whole Foods and try some. Give a call next time you are headed to San Diego and you can stay with us.


  2. sherri gunter

    Neil, I really enjoy reading your blog! I especially enjoyed this one. Always love the pics too! Keep up the good work!

    A Pederson’s fan

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