My Trip From Paradise To Chaos And Back

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Hello all you loyal bacon lovers! It’s me, the Pederson’s Natural Farms Cooking Cowboy back on the BLOG!

Ok, I know in reality there probably aren’t many of you who have been missing me as I have let my blog fall completely apart. And, what good is a blog without a blogger!?! Well, I have been out of pocket for a while (obviously), so I want to catch you up on what has been going on. Then, I’d also like to layout a little structure for what I am going to do in the future with this awesome communication tool we have called the BLOG!

First of all, I have missed posting videos and blogs and really look forward to getting back into the swing of things in 2012.

Secondly, my wife and I had a beautiful baby girl this year to go along with the beautiful 16 month old we already had on the ground. So, the schedule (and my concentration) did get spread a little thin just from that, but really… who could complain, right? I have two beautiful, healthy baby girls. I couldn’t be luckier!

Savannah Grace Dudley

Dakota Dudley


Well, until one day I am driving home from work, and my wife gives me a call to let me know she has just called 911 because our youngest had stopped breathing! Ok, now we have an issue in paradise! To make a long story short, she is fine and doing great, but she was battling acid reflux due to an allergy of some kind. Here comes the relevance to the whole story. I have lived with an allergy and have seen what it does. Therefore, it only drives home the purpose of what we do here at Pederson’s even more. The foods we eat can affect our lives in so many ways, and I say, if we can feed ourselves and our families foods free of all the junk, it can only be better.

Lastly, THE KIDNEY STONE!!!!! I bet quite a few of you have experienced a kidney stone before. Here comes the surprise of the century! They hurt like hell. 🙂  However, I thank the Lord for mine every day. Turns out I had adrenal cancer, and it would have gone un-detected if not for the CT scan I had done while in the emergency room for the kidney stone. God is great! I am definitely the luckiest guy on the planet – beautiful wife, girls, and a kidney stone! So, I had surgery, removed all the cancer, and am doing great – no problems at all! (Except for the fact that I didn’t really get around to keeping my blog up to speed like I would like. Oh well. All I can do is get committed and make it happen from now on.)

My blogs in the past have typically centered on recipes, information about food, or what we are cooking up new around here at Pederson’s. I definitely want to keep that information flowing. I want this blog to be a conduit for your ideas and suggestions to flow directly into Pederson’s business, as well as a path for my so called expert knowledge 🙂 to flow back to you guys. I am committed to submitting at least one new blog entry per month while answering any comments that may come from any other of my past blog topics. Here we go! I hope we all find our time here useful and relevant!


The Cooking Cowboy

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  1. Becky

    Really wonderful blog, Neil. Thanks so much for sharing. You have such a gorgeous family. Lots of love, Becky, Brian, Crosby and Millie (our pup).

  2. Mary Catherine

    Wow! Great job, Neil!

    I am continually blessed by my career with Pedersons. I’m a better person by knowing you ALL! Those pictures of the girls are precious!

  3. Kelly Seely

    Glad to hear you are doing well. Let’s say I sure miss the view of your’s and Stacy’s upstairs. The feed store itself isn’t the same. Glad the girls, you and Stacy are doing great! I sure need to order some great products from y’all! Miss y’all. Lots of love from the coast!

  4. Patricia

    Neil, first of all congrats to you and your family!! What a story. Goes to show that the good Lord always will provide a great shepard!

  5. Neil aka The Cookin Cowboy

    Thanks for the comments everyone! Glad to get back in touch with you all via my blog. Becky I can’t wait to meet Crosby – thx MC – Kandace I got my San Tule Freckles colt broke he is bad a** – Kelly which coast??? – Patricia you are right and thanks again!

    Ok love you all take care and stay tuned for “SUGAR…to be or not to be that is the question”


    The Cooking Cowboy

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