My Whole 30, Day 7 – The Paleo Cowgirl

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What I do today can improve all of my tomorrows! I think I can, I think you can, I know we can. (-:

I usually dread day 7! No, really, here’s written proof from day 7 of my last Whole 30.

Whole30 Blog Post

Looks like I was tired!

Here’s the deal, I did really well with the reintegration phase after my last Whole 30! I’d say I’ve kept a 90% Whole 30 diet for the past 5 months! My biggest weakness is putting extra cream in my coffee!

I’m proud of that. So today, in my journal, I won’t be writing that I’m tired. Actually, I feel really good. I can’t even identify any major craving.

So, apparently it’s true, what I do today can improve all of my tomorrows.

Here’s my meal planning for day 7. Thanks to Chef Todd at Harvest Restaurant in Comanche, the last couple of days have been made pretty easy!

For breakfast I had a few leftovers from last night. Grilled shrimp, potatoes, and grilled veggies. That’s right, in a purple bowl with a plastic fork!

Whole 30 / Shrimp


For lunch, I’ll have Grilled Pork chop on Balsamic Vegetables, Arugula Balsamic Vnaigrette


For dinner, I’ll have Blackened Tilapia with Fingerling Potatoes, Garlic Green Beans, Caramelized Onion & Sundried Tomatoes.