Oh, what a year it’s been!

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Gosh, I really don’t even know where to start! The past year of my life has been amazing- I am working my dream job (selling bacon- does it get any better than that?), watching my sweet kids grow up before my eyes, and seriously living the American dream! I’m not the best at putting my thoughts in to words, but bear with me, here goes!

I started work for Pederson’s Natural Farms in August of 2011. Prior to this, I worked in Retail Management for 12 years. I am the proud Mommy of a 2.5 year old girl (Marlo), and a 4.5 year old boy (Broughton). His name kinda rhymes with “rotten” if you’re wondering. Some of y’all may be of the religious type, some of y’all not- all I can tell you, is that the reason I have this job is all a pretty big “Coinci-GOD”. I am truly blessed, however you choose to see it! Prior to my working for Pederson’s, I really had no idea about this food thing… I just went to the store, freaked out about my grocery bill, and tried to make healthy meals for my 2 kids! Now, I know the value of eating healthy responsible products.

My first week of work was a trip to Chicago for a UNFI trade show. I met up with Cody, our fearless leader and President. He really did a great job of showing me the ropes and also a great time in a new city! I tell ‘ya, I have never worked so hard in my life! I was trying to learn what the heck I was doing, and cooking bacon for 9 hours straight! I promise you, that’s not an easy task, but it sure was rewarding to hear people talk about the good stuff I was cooking up! I really had my “Trial by Fire” as Neil, our Vice President likes to say! The Chicago trip jump started my bacon career and it’s been an awesome adventure ever since! I can’t tell you how much my life has changed- people now call my personal Facebook page “The Wall of Bacon”. When I take something on, I do it with 100% commitment. It truly becomes my life. I hope I can show you how much my job has changed me and how Pederson’s has become my LIFE in the past 365.

By my 2nd week of work, I was all in to this awesome job! Neil came to visit me for a Whole Foods grand opening, and we cooked up a lot of bacon! Check out the sign I greeted him with at the airport- I thought it was pretty awesome!

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna go week by week in this post, but so many awesome things happened right in the beginning that I feel like I need to share them all! Even my then 3 year old was getting the hang of it- here’s a short little video of him reading one of my brochures: In case it’s hard to hear, he says, “Once upon a time, the bacon went to the horseys!” I mean, does it get any cuter that that?

Don’t get me wrong, selling bacon is always a fun job, but here at Pederson’s, we have fun on top of fun, too! In December, the whole gang took a trip to the NFR in Vegas. Working for a company based in central Texas has it’s advantages! Here’s a picture of myself with our Marketing Director Stacy Dudley. We sure had a great time at that rodeo!


It was back to work for a few more trade shows in the early part of the year. Here’s a picture of Neil and I cooking up bacon.


Oh yeah, I can’t leave this picture out! I was lucky enough to bring my family along for one of our shows and guess where we went? Disney World!

I took a trip out to our plant in Hamilton, TX in the spring of last year for Employee Appreciation. The whole Pederson’s family got together, and had a really great time! I learned so much more about what goes on at our office, and even rode on a horse! Yup- me… on a horse… Sounds crazy, huh? I have a new nickname around those parts- “Tex”

I’ll leave y’all with one last picture of my son and I because I think this pretty much sums up my life in the past year. I promise I’ll do a better job of keeping everyone updated on the life of a bacon sales girl. There are so many more funny stories I can’t wait to share with y’all- Ii’s an awesome life, and I’m so blessed to live it!

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