Pederson’s Beef Bacon Scramble

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This is a quick an easy breakfast that will fill you up and leave you wanting more.

Pederson’s Beef bacon – cut into pieces

Eggs ( or egg whites )

1/2 Tomato – Diced

Small bunch of basil – chopped

Feta Cheese – to taste

1/4 Avocado – sliced


Start by dicing and browning the beef bacon. Then, add the diced tomato and eggs ( I used egg whites ). When the eggs start to firm up add some chopped up basil and a few tablespoons of feta cheese. Scramble until the eggs are done, top with avocado and serve immediately.



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  1. Paul Degelia

    Is your beef bacon still available? I work at Whole Foods Market and it is not available in our order guide. I have a guest inquiring about it.

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