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Pederson’s Natural Farms

The Hamilton, Texas-based company is adding to its core business of all-natural, uncured bacon and is showing new products at their booth. The new items include honey, jalapeno and barbeque. Along with the new bacon items Pederson’s is offering an array of new bison products, including bison sausage and bison bacon burgers.

President Cody Lane says Pederson’s is also coming out with healthier alternatives to current pork products by offering a turkey bacon and a turkey sausage. “The quality is always number one, but if we can create something that tastes great and is good for you, that is our ultimate goal.”

He says that all products are supported with POS (1) See point of sale and packet over SONET.

POS – point of sale  materials as well as in-store demos. “I have always found demos to be the most effective marketing tool at store level,” says Lane. “Although a lot of buyers still want ads or coupons and we are willing to do any of those. Whatever program that a retailer feels comfortable with; we will do.”

Lane adds that in addition to the new products, Pederson’s is in a big growth mode, practically doubling the size of its plant.,…-a0222399577

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