Pederson’s Paired with Bluff Dale Vineyard

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The Vineyard


The three-acre vineyard at Dale Bluff is full of two types grapes able to withstand the Pierce’s Disease that attacks most grapes in Texas. The Black Spanish and Blanc DuBois grapes Hayes is growing are highly resistant to the pathogen.


Get To Know The Winemaker


David Hayes learned nearly everything he needed to know about winemaking from his grandfather. Even though most of his winemaking education was at his grandfather’s side, Hayes says he learned even more about the craft during his worldwide travels as a salesman for a German company. “This is my second career,” he says. Hayes, along with his wife, Theresa, has been operating the winery since opening it in June of 2000. Hayes has several reasons for choosing to open a winery as his second career. Part of it is the fond memories of time spent with his grandfather, part of it is his love of wine and part of it is following in his father’s footsteps. “I guess I still have a lot of farmer in me. That comes from my dad. He was a farmer. I like growing grapes.




The Paired Wine


A wonderful Texas table wine blended for the taste preference of the most discriminating palette.






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