Annual Super Bowl Bash

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It’s almost super bowl time and in preparation for our annual super bowl bash I’ve been searching the internet for healthy variations of our typical fare! I cringe when I think of the calories in each dish I serve to my family and friends. It’s great to indulge from time to time but it seems we are just getting on back on track after the holiday “belly busting” parties and then bam more overeating and tummy aches. So, this year I’m gonna try some new recipes!

The main course will be a new spin on traditional Jambalaya using chicken, extra lean ham, shrimp and Bison sausage instead of high fat Andouille Pork Sausage and Chorizo. I’m also substituting brown rice instead of white. This will enhance the texture and also add essential fiber for a warm, hearty and healthy meal. Be careful to taste before adding salt ( esp. if you are a sodium conscious household) as both the ham and the sausage will be seasoned already. Enjoy!

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