Super Bowl Weekend

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Over the spotted patches of ice covered road and the blistering coldest of Super Bowl weekend, Wes Graham and I made it to Benbrook to settle in for the evening. The next morning would come early to get set up for a demo at HEB Central Market.

The morning came with sleet and snow still on the ground we got packed and made our way to I-30 and Hulen, but of course by the way of Sam Wholesale, Sprouts, and a few others spots to do market studies.

When we arrived at Central Market, Buddy and Chad, the market managers, greeted us and helped us detach the pit from the truck. We decided that it was still too cold to do the Demo outside and moved indoors. Wes got the table set up while I strategically placed the fire wood in the fire box and started the fire.

High noon was approaching. The sun had began to peek out from behind the purple clouds, the temperature came up to 30 degrees, the snow and ice began to melt and this meant people would be coming out of their dwellings after a couple of days hold up.

Some of those fine citizens would be buying regular staple items as well as Super Bowl Party items and I don’t know what would make a better impression for a football fanatic than Pederson Wenzel Bison Products.

Wes and I took turns watching the pit making sure the temperature didn’t drop down below 225 degrees, a good temperature for warming up cooked products, which we would be sampling. We had a good 2 days with the market managers and customers of Central Market. We are looking forward to going back soon.

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