The never-ending bacon story

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Most people think that interns usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to working. The interns run the errands, get the coffee…you get the idea. Well my internship is SO much more.

My family lives south of Hamilton, so everytime I would drive into town I would pass right by Pederson’s, only thinking that they made simple bacon and sausage. I never knew how progressive it was until I landed myself a little internship at the place famous for bacon.

It took me a few days to adjust from the beef girl you have read about to take on all the pork here.

I never realized there could be so many bacon choices (it is never ending!!) Applewood smoked, hickory smoked, cherry smoked, organic or natural, sugar-free (for those Paleo dieters), chicken pork or beef bacon, jalepeno flavored, bacon with green chiles….the list could go on and on and on! I always have been a bacon lover and will happily fill my plate up with it! But working here has got me wondering now…what other kinds of bacon could we come up with that would make the customer say yum yum give me more!

Well, that’s were I come in, I have been working with the R&D (research and development) guy, Scott. We are working together, working for you, finding ways to make our already best bacon better. People send ideas our way and we test them out seeing if they will work in Pederson’s line and if these ideas will make our customer’s happy. Working to make your bacon options even more endless!

I will be back again later  to tell you more about this great internship and Pederson’s from this beef girls eyes!

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