This beef girl starts bringing home the bacon..literally!

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Let’s set something straight first thing. I have been a beef girl since I was about six, mainly because my family raises cattle on our ranch right outside Hamilton.

I have been a beef advocate for about thirteen years, sharing my love for a tasty steak with anyone that gave me 60 seconds (or less if I could squeeze it in!). I participated in stock shows, FFA, and 4-H, sharing my love for agriculture all over the country. I even was elected as a National Hereford Association director so that I could advocate for the breed as well as leading youth. Beef and agriculture are what I am passionate about, so after graduating high school I loaded down my Ford truck and headed for Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, USA. I decided to double-major in agricultural communications and animal science with a minor in food science because I want to be able to advocate for agriculture from birth to plate. 

After finishing up my first year I headed back to Hamilton to find a job at home for the summer so I could also continue working with my family’s herd of Registered Hereford cattle.

Not one of my friends expected me, the beef girl, to have a job doing ANYTHING with something other than beef,or cattle. Where did I end up you might ask?

That’s right. Pederson’s Natural Farms. The place “famous for bacon”, that has PORK products primarily.

But this internship is more than I could have ever asked for and my “beef only” view has been expanded. Now I will eat beef with a side of pork. (But, really! Bacon wrapped filet anyone??)

I get to learn all about natural and organic, how to make bacon (and everything else at Pederson’s!), they have me doing anything and everything to teach me (and maybe convert me) all about the best kind of pork products out there!

I can’t wait to share with all my OSU friends about how I have expanded my horizons and want to learn more about pork. I will be able to share the message of Pederson’s and everything that I am learning.

Maybe they will make a PORK girl out of me. Who knows!

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  1. Cindy Rogers

    You will always be a beef girl, but all that bacon you bring home is a perfect addition to our Hereford beef!

  2. madeline moore

    Don’t be afraid to branch out! These experiences are priceless, and we have to be to working together (agriculture as a whole), to raise our voice in America!

  3. madeline moore

    Number one recommendation: embrace this opportunity! You have an awesome opportunity to learn so much about another protein and a different facet of American agriculture. Embrace it and have fun with sharing every story of American agriculture!

  4. Brianna Brassfield

    You’ve brought plenty of Hereford beef to Stilly. Time to expand our horizons and try some pork! I can’t wait for some yummy bacon every morning before a long day of tough classes! Of course, we can have some Hereford beef for dinner! So proud of you and what you’re doing! Continue to stay true to what you believe and advocate to others about your passion! There’s still many who don’t understand agriculture, and all of its processes. “Agvocate!”

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