Where’s The Inspiration?

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Hello all you loyal bacon lovers! It’s me, the Pederson’s Natural Farms Cooking Cowboy back on the BLOG!

Have you ever had your greatest inspiration 30 minutes before you are supposed to go home from work for the day or even better for the weekend? I am hoping for that moment to strike any minute. I promised to keep a monthly BLOG entry coming, it is crunch time, and I have not come up with my March topic yet! I mean, there are only about 10 or 12 exciting things happening around here, and I can’t seem to pick one or even think of how to get into explaining all that is awesome! So I figured why not just start writing and see where the thoughts lead me.

So my first thought is WOW this is getting me nowhere! However, I am typing, then my email inbox pop up appears, and I am distracted back to business. And, I click over to see what the emails are all about.

What a great distraction! I got a very nice email from a customer thanking me for the visit I paid her company this week and expressing genuine belief and excitement for what Pederson’s is all about. She says the relationship between her company and mine is on solid ground with opportunity for growth. I thank the Lord everyday for the great people and businesses I get to work for and with. In the end, doesn’t it all come down to enjoying what you do and working with others that feel the same way? Sure, not every day is a cake walk, but fairly often there is that moment that you can look up and say, “yeah we are doing it right and it is appreciated”.

Ok. No extremely great inspiration came along, but I did get a start, and now it is time for me to go home for the weekend. I will try to get back and finish this up in the next day or two or three!


So, it’s Monday now, and I’m back again. I thought you all might appreciate this story. My wife, the girls, and I are having a great weekend, and we are somewhere in between church, the park, or visiting grandparents when my wife slyly mentions BLOGS. Like what she really wanted to say was, “hey buddy… where is your BLOG you promised to have us monthly?!?” So I got the hint and informed her that I was almost finished and would have it to her first thing Monday morning. I tell the story really only to illustrate that everybody has to be held accountable! Isn’t it true for everything in life!?! We all play a role in keeping our economy, business, and family growing and vibrant! As soon as anyone in the chain becomes unaccountable to everyone else, the chain gets weak! We try everything we can to keep everyone accountable here at Pederson’s… from our suppliers to us to our customers. In the end, it is pretty easy to do as we all have the same values at heart!

I appreciate you taking the time to read, and any questions or comments you have would be appreciated as well!


The Cooking Cowboy

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