The Cooking Cowboy and Paleo Grilling

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Howdy folks,

Neil the Cooking Cowboy here. I figure it was high time to start cooking and writing again. So, in honor of grilling season, I drew upon the expertise of two great bloggers and cooked up their recipes.  This paleo BBQ sauce on top of Pederson’s No Sugar Kielbasa complete with paleo potato salad sure hits the spot.

Now I’m not sure where you are from , but in Texas barbecue is just something that you do. So when my wife got me on the Paleo diet I was pretty well sure I wasn’t going to be able to grill out with a good barbecue sauce.  Thankfully, it seems the internet has me covered once again. For the complete breakdown of this awesome meal click here. And I’ll even give you a freebie, a shot of me lovingly stirring that awesome barbecue sauce.


Happy grilling season y’all!

-The Cooking Cowboy

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