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All of the partygoers and I shout in sync down to midnight and the start of a blurry brand new year. I’m saying goodbye to the perfectly dipped dark chocolate strawberries… goodbye to the creamy spinach artichoke dip that’s stretches for miles from the bowl to your pita chip on the way to your mouth… good bye to the sweet champagne bubbling into my cold glass.. and dreading saying hello to my Whole30.

I admit to completely overreacting on New Years and going to bed too early. All because with my beer goggles I wanted to continue to eat snickers bars and mac and cheese and drink champagne until there wasn’t anymore. Thankfully my Whole30 was the most difficult for the first 10 minutes than it has been up to this point. If I could go back in time I would have prepared more beforehand, lesson learned. I wished on January first that I had already been grocery shopping and hadn’t let work and going out of town for New Years make me go unprepared. I also wished I ran to the nearest store and bought the Whole30 book from the Hartwigs. I hear about it daily and I would’ve crammed that in the second I accepted this challenge from Pedersen’s if I knew how resourceful it would have been. There’s been so many questions like” Is homemade paleo mayo okay?” or “What do you mean snacking isn’t allowed?” that I know are made clear in the book and could have been avoided with more preparation on my part. Come to think of it I still am unsure about where smoothies fit into this lifestyle.

However, after hitting the local farmers markets and seafood suppliers the following day I felt so excited and had all the confidence in the world that I could be successful this month. Then my Pederson’s Bacon package came and I thought not only will I make it.. I’ll make it fun too. Meal prepping started with fruit salads and trail mix and ended with a savory pot roast with carrots, red potatoes, onions and garlic. Cooking has been a challenge. It’s so time consuming for me, I’m learning to include all ingredients on my shopping list by planning meals in advance so I don’t end up going to the grocery store daily.

Having our Pederson’s Whole30 facebook page has been a great motivator to take a picture and post about the meals I’ve been having. Even if you just post your salad and not a chef’s masterpiece creation of a meal it’s worth it. There’s a great community feeling and enough support to go around. Pinterest is my go to utopia for recipes, tips, and meal prep guides. I found the tuna salad lettuce wraps there and the homemade mayo recipe and that was one of my favorite meals as of yet! Keeping up to date on Whole30s Instagram page is great too for insight and encouragement. Because I didn’t read the book with the guidelines it’s been necessary that I continue to use all of the media I can to gain knowledge on the diet. I cannot imagine getting this far without having so many options to look for more “quick Whole30 meals”.

It’s been an adjustment and a definite challenge because I’ve never been restricted from what I could eat but I’m already loving the learned self discipline. I’m hoping to be able to report energy levels increasing once I increase my carbohydrate intake. So far I’m thrilled with my clear skin, a direct response from giving into my sugar cravings. With my ACL reconstruction surgery last

Wednesday I have added concerns to ensure I have the most proactive recovery. With this commitment I trust my body to know how to take care of itself with the fuel it knows how to put to use.

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