Internal Operations Coordinator, AJ Flinn, Getting Started is The First Step to Whole30 Success

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Jan 1 marked a very exciting and honestly scary day for me and my family! We (my husband and I) signed on to take and conquer the Whole 30 challenge. My son, 9, also wanted in so we took the time to explain all the ins and outs to him, letting him know that we would hold him to the plan at home but would let him stray while at school and away from the house. Surprisingly he was super excited!

For the past year we have eaten Paleo on and off. Be strict for a few weeks….fall off the wagon, get back on and go again. Never truly being totally dedicated but having all the best intensions in mind. Well when we decided to do Whole 30 we entered with full gusto.


            Three laundry baskets later we start to see REALLY how much junk we still had around…just in case ya know. After the cupboards came the frig, SCARY to say the least. Salad dressing, salad dressing, whip cream, jelly, ketchup, jelly, salad dressing, yuck after yuck after yuck. I mean really…who needs three tubes of jelly? We don’t even eat toast normally at my house. So with all that gone it we all looked at each other like…what do we eat. I personally have had a really hard time with no popcorn. That was my baby, I would warm some almost each night, sometimes with butter and salt other times just plain jane, but I would hold and love that bowl full after a long day and that bowl always gave me peace of mind and comfort.

Second task: MAKE A MENU

            Eggs, Eggs, Eggs, Bacon and veggies. No really this turned out to be fun. And we realized quickly that with a little imagination you would have a good time with this task. We were able to complete a weekly menu in just a short time then began going through what we had on hand and what we needed to pick up at the store. Trying to add variety was a little difficult for breakfast as we have chickens so the cheapest way to go was eggs, and let me tell you I am still a horrible hard boil egg preparer! The shells hate meL


            This was particularly easy actually. When you do not have to venture into the internal isles of the grocery store it’s a relief. So we stocked up on fresh meat (that we froze some of), a few fruits and veggies and some fun new spices that I currently didn’t have in my mix. My new favorite is Chipotle. We buy into a local co-op and just so happens it delivered right before the first of the year. With this co-op you just get what is sent so it forces you out of your comfort zone and makes you stretch your taste buds to new flavors. Just FYI Bok Choy is one of my new favorites!

After a few meals prepped we were ready to start our week. Menu up on the frig, meats cooked, veggies cut up, eggs prepped and bacon fried we started the week off on the right foot. Prepared for all three meals and some emergency snacks as we knew we would need them.  My family and I all took warning of how this month may be….difficult, trying, frustrating, rewarding, we were ready to find out!

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