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So this week I struggled more than the first week. What’s that saying “Fail to prepare, prepare to Fail”? Well that is what I battled all week. Honestly was not in the mood to cook last weekend so I put it off and then fought myself every night on what to fix for dinner. I was tired, grumpy and really just wanted to order a pizza and be done with more than one day last week.

Well I didn’t. I pulled my big girl panties up and made it through. And by doing so I proved to myself that even on those nights when cooking is the LAST thing you want to do…tilapia with a splat of coconut oil in the oven served with a salad is so much better on the waist line and not to mention wallet! Slowly but surely my whole family is getting the hang of this.

Grocery shopping….now that is pure torture sometimes! I was in the store the other day with my little boy. And I have to ask WHY are the sweets always right next to the fruit? I am sure it’s a ploy… a sweet cookie or buy a sweet apple. Anyways my little one says “oh mom those are the GOOOOODDDD cookies”. Ugh right? I think he wants sweets more now that we have none in the house than he ever has. We talked about the cookie and about all in them that we knew was potentially harmful to our bodies. Sugar, empty calories that give you a super charge then drop you like a bowl ball. Then we went on a mission to find a better alternative. Well we found a trail mix with little chocolate pieces, nuts and raisins and yogurt covered raisins. Now I am sure these are not completely ideal but pick your battle right? Cookie…trail mix…..? So the point to that little bit of info was that I think by sharing with your kids and involving them in their eating choices, habits it helps them start to make good decisions. Yes that cookie may look amazing but if they know what’s in it and what those ingredients do to them then they can start making smarter choices younger.

My goal is to raise my kiddo so that he is aware. So that he can look at a label and see good, bad, in between and make a decision based on his knowledge.

I worry though, as he has made comments about eating too much….gaining weight. Now let me remind you that T is lean and mean. Slender, muscular, and very athletic. So he can stand to eat a large amount and be just fine. So that is something that we are still working on. Eat so that you fuel your body with the energy it takes to keep going at a high rate of speed and not with junk or you will get sick.

I am finding that my whole family is taking to this eating style very well. We will add a few items back in to our diet ( POPCORN and tortilla chips—oh my mouth waters just tying the words) based on how we respond to them but for the most part I really feel like now we are going to push ahead and stick as close as we can to this eating for a long time.

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