No Sugar Line, Diabetes, and the Reason We Make our Products

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Every week we require our salespeople and support staff demoing in stores to check in by email to share the results of the day’s demo. Usually, it includes a lot of stats and figures on how fast our product is selling, and works to address any needs or concerns the individual store has. Jeff, our Lead Support Representative, shared a story by that weekly update email that we thought was too good not to share.

“Another glorious day demoing our product in San Antonio area stores. One of our new fans over heard me say “Uncured No Sugar Kielbasa.” She came over and we started talking. Turns out she was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes over 30 years ago. She had never heard of us. She fell in love with the sample and bought two. Then I showed her our No Sugar bacon and she almost went into tears. She picked up two packs of that as well. Then I talked about our juvenile diabetes charity event in October, Bacon Bash Texas, and handed her my card. I Told her we send kids to camp with the proceeds. She told me she went to a similar camp when she was young. She will be attending Bacon Bash this year!

This is the kind of interaction with our consumers that pumps me up. The fact that we make product that can make someone with diabetes feel a little normal again by giving them back bacon and sausage. Love all of you very much.”

Real People making Real Food
-Jeff Hackett

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  1. Liza Fanelli

    Thank you for your quality products! I ate bacon through whole30! I live a paleo lifestyle and appreciate your contribution to my life changes… weight loss & muscle building! Love you!!!

    1. Post
    1. Post

      Hi Sharla,

      Thanks for your interest in our products! Can you send me your zip code so I can check to see if there are any stores near you? In the meantime, you can order our entire No Sugar line online at

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