Our Farm To Your Fork

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Amy and Ciera have been working on a product catalog for Pederson’s.  I thought they did a great job describing our process from farm to fork.

Real food starts with real farmers.  We work with self-sustaining family farms because they’re good stewards of their land, and they feel the ethical obligation to provide their pigs with a comfortable life.  Not only do they raise their pigs right, but they also grow much of the grain used to feed those pigs.  It allows for a higher quality, well monitored feed free of GMOs and animal by-products.  They are housed in open pens with outdoor access allowing them to romp, frolic and engage in natural behavior.


We’ve partnered with these farmers because their values are our values.  Our goal is to produce bacon the way nature intended.  Our pork bellies are never injected with anything… no liquid smoke… ever.  We use real, natural seasonings just like mom would do but on a much larger scale.  Next, we smoke the bellies using real wood chips.  A smoky flavor should be created by actually smoking the meat instead of faking it with liquid smoke.  Our final step is to slice the chilled bellies into bacon strips and package it.  Easy enough, right?  Seasoned. Smoked.  Sliced.  It’s a natural process with no complicated steps…  kind of like our bacon… no nonsense, just natural.

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