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Week 3 of the Whole30 Challenge, HISTORY. 

Let’s start this week’s blog with thanks:  I thank God and really depended on prayer this week.  I thank my wonderful wife, who is also my personal chef and I thank all of my family, friends and network during this challenge. 

Next is a recap of results:  still having a little bit of flu like feeling early in the week and a few headaches that were out of the normal.  I think cedar pollen was a bigger culprit than Whole30.  After day 22, I seem to be much more alert and definitely starting to feel more energetic.  And lastly, I am starting to have to wear a belt to keep my pants up!

Week 3 was a very busy week for us.  Pederson’s Natural Farms has so many cool things going on already for 2016; last week was a pivotal week in getting several projects off and running.  Nicole’s venture in Freida’s Sweets & Meats has also really started to take off.  I had some really great food last week; however, I was so busy it just seems like a fog.  As far as the Whole30, it was just kind of a blah week, or maybe Whole30 is becoming “normal”.

I am very fortunate to have Nicole’s creativity in putting together exciting Whole30 meals for us.  Without her by my side, this Whole30 Challenge would have been very difficult.  Several of my peers have joked about it not being fair I have this obvious advantage: great Whole30 compliant food. 

This was the first week Freida’s Sweets & Meats actually became somewhat of a potential stumbling block.  Most of the meals being prepared out of Nicole’s kitchen have been inspired by people wanting to participate in the Whole30 Style Nutrition.  During Week 3, Nicole had several private caterings.  While a Whole30 menu theme was promoted; there wasn’t much interest in this style eating at the hunt lodge.  This is the first week of the challenge where I walked into the kitchen and fresh focaccia bread was being baked in the oven, whew!  Then the two pound cakes, it makes no difference what kind they were, they are all really good.  So, I went and split firewood, a lot of firewood.  Friday night, Nicole asks me to drive her to the hunting lodge to drop off their catered meal: I rode 30 miles with fresh bread and two pound cakes within 2 feet.  While it was tempting to run my finger through the icing, all I could think was her customer would not be really proud of my finger swipe through their cake.  I was salivating a little bit and actually felt a little like Wile E. Coyote eyeballing the roadrunner (we all know what happens to the coyote).

Then it hit me, I really like the way I feel and I don’t really want any of the sugar or the grain.  I feel pretty darn good and there is a reason for it. 

In reflection after 3 weeks the Whole30, Thirty Day Re-Set is not that difficult, especially compared to the benefits.   Completing the 30 day reset in January is difficult because I don’t have our garden full of great vegetables; however, we have had a great selection of meats and we both really enjoy good soups and chili.  I am going to stick with a Whole30 type lifestyle after the reset; otherwise, this last 30 days would be a waste of effort. 

I will be honest; I do miss a glass of wine at the end of the week while we watch the sun go down on the ranch. 

3 weeks completed, into the stretch week!


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