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First let’s start by telling you what I am thankful for:

  1. I am thankful for God; he has given us great food to replenish and develop our bodies.
  2. I am thankful for my wonderful and 100% supportive wife and chef.
  3. I am thankful for a great family.
  4. I am thankful for a great job with a great company that also supports Whole30.

Next, let’s discuss RESULTS:

  1. Dropped a full pants size (I know we aren’t supposed to step on a scale, but it’s obvious when your pant size drops that something else has dropped too).
  2. Past the “I need a nap stage”
  3. Irritable factor is dropped by 50%
  4. I thought I was rounding the corner to the emotional benefits of Whole30; day 14 I seemed to regress, some (still working on this).

It is very obvious the Whole30 Program is not a fad or a whim; Whole30 is a life style.  Eating what we are “programed” to consume, eating clean and an evaluation of our entire lifestyle.   This isn’t magic folks, it’s a re-set of our system and I like it! 

I haven’t had any cravings and I don’t miss any of the junk that was part of my diet.  I attribute the lack of cravings to having really great proteins at my picking (grass-fed beef and lamb, fresh seafood, organic turkey and chicken).  I also have a great personal chef.  For those of you who don’t know, Nicole Davenport (Freida’s Sweets & Meats, BBQ Pitmaster & Chopped Grillmaster Celebrity) is my wife.  She keeps the Whole30 Program exciting.  If it wasn’t for Nicole, I think I would be very bored with my choices and perhaps would not be as committed to successfully completing this challenge. 

Nicole and I traveled to Waco on Wednesday of our Week 2 challenge.  We have only eaten out 2 times since we started the Whole30 challenge January 1st.  Wednesday was the second dining-out experience.  We selected a very small restaurant, off the beaten path with a Greek theme.   Their menu is wonderful and the food is great; unless you are on Whole30.  I think this may be one reason I regressed on the emotional scale this week.  Our menu selections were severely restricted (dairy and grain); although we could have eaten very clean, we could not have remained in the spirit of Whole30.  I left very unsatisfied and kind of empty fueled.  So, eating out is definitely hard in the full Whole30 challenge days and I am not sure planning could have improved this situation at all.

One year ago, Nicole and I were in Uruguay.  Nicole was invited as a guest chef for an International Food and Wine Event.  We also were married during our trip down south.  I mention this, because we are both enjoy and have access to some really nice wines and spirits.  We will be postponing our 1 year anniversary toast until our 30 day challenge is completed.  This is a definite sacrifice; well worth it, or we think so.

We were in Uruguay for 12 days.  One of the amazing things about Uruguay is the food.  They don’t eat spicy food at all (shocker to me); however, they eat very clean.  Most of the food is grass-fed beef or lamb and some imported seafood.  No cereals, no peanuts, no legumes (beans) and very little dairy.  Usually had bread with dinner and breakfast; however, it seemed to be an old world, artisanal bread.  Spices consisted of salt, pepper and garlic and cooked on the parrilla.  A diet very easily Whole30 compliant and the one thing I will say,,,, after 3 days of Uruguay I felt great.  Maybe it was the great beaches; or maybe it was just great clean food, in the spirit of Whole30 Living!  Nicole and I both agree, we want that feeling back.

2 weeks completed, into Week 3!


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