Vice President of Sales, Neil Dudley, Whole30 Is Breaking Your Addictions

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So as I enter the final stretch of the Whole 30 I find myself saying and thinking what I estimate are some of the same things everyone else that has done a Whole 30 have said and thought. For example I was talking to some friends this morning and I found myself saying I am looking forward to the end of the Whole 30 so I can have my tortillas and burgers again! Why is that? I am feeling and thinking great! Why is it even crossing my mind to go off the wagon? I can only attribute it to human nature and addiction. I luckily have never battled addiction to drugs, alcohol, and any other life destroying behavior however I feel confident that I am an addict when it comes to food. I mean what else could explain the desire I have to go right back to the sugar, and terrible eating habits I have had before when my current health and diet is treating me so good?

These few thoughts make me feel and have more understanding and compassion for those of us that do battle addiction of any kind. What if I truly could never have another tortilla? Would I really be able to do that? Luckily for me food addiction does not necessarily spell as much potential life peril as some other addictions do…….or does it? I mean when you think about it there is only one truly valuable thing in life and that is time. We have only a certain amount of time on earth to do what God had put us here to do and shouldn’t I expect myself to be as healthy and vibrant as I can be? I don’t have all the answers nor do I know all the right questions to ask, however I do know in the short time I have taken to write these thoughts down I have found a renewed commitment to eat good food and to lead Pederson’s Natural Farms as a company and family to continue producing and striving to produce GREAT, good for your body products. Does that mean we can only make meat products? I think not really! It means we take our expertise and love for the idea and art of making the best out of what we know and apply it to each and every opportunity and situation!

I really doubt many people will read this although I have truly enjoyed writing it and likely that is the most important thing in the end anyway! However just in case there is one person that does read it (besides the girls I email it to so they can post it to the web) I want you to know I feel compelled to pray for you and I want you to know good food, good eating, and Jesus really can change your life! I pray if you already eat healthy and don’t know Jesus that you seek him, and if you already know Jesus but don’t eat a diet to maximize your “Shine” that you pray a bit about what Jesus expects from you in this time! Now if you happen to fall into the group of people that already know Jesus and eat healthy I simply ask pray for me……

Amen the Cooking Cowboy

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