Vice President of Sales, Neil Dudley, Who’s In Control, You or Food?

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Heck you guys and gals gotta try this Whole 30 thing….you just gotta! I already know you don’t want to quit having a beer or glass of wine with dinner, you gotta have your nicotine, can’t survive without tortillas, and blah blah blah…….I wanna know have you got the gumption to make a 30 day commitment to prove you have the will power to control your life and not let food or beverage run the show. I believe everyone has that capacity! Whether or not they choose to tap into that ability or not I cannot predict! Yes you will have withdrawals and headaches and feel funky at some time throughout the program for some amount of time but if you choose to endure and make it through the days that are hard I feel 100% confident you will experience something truly believable! To me I enjoy the satisfaction of knowing I can do it just as much as the feeling healthier!

OK off the soap box!

I thought I would give you a rundown of my day on Jan 12th 2016 (almost half way already!) just to give you a glimpse into what Whole 30 looked like for me!

Wake up around 6:30 start getting ready! Kids start stirring pretty soon after…oh wait it was a kid that woke me up J Get to the kitchen (we have learned Stacy is much better at getting the girls ready than me) and start some olive oil heating in a skillet and cut up some tomatoes, pear, cantaloupe, and kiwi for myself and kids then get a couple of fried eggs going. The goal is to get out of the house and on the road to school and daycare by 7:30. Still gotta feed the dog, chickens, sheep, and horses. Luckily I have some great little helpers that take care of the dog and chickens. This morning we successfully made the timeline and I had all kids dropped off by 8am. Did I mention the eggs and fruit was a great start to the day for me and the girls!

Off to work…, meetings, and a phone call or 2 and it is lunch time before I know it. No hunger pains to tell me it is lunch time I only know because the local chef Frieda Cooney walks in with my Whole 30 shrimp and coconut soup and salad for lunch. I am a little spoiled to the fact that she does most of the cooking but hey it gives me more time to think about how we are going to get our Whole 30 approved products out to the masses! Back to work after an in office lunch which was healthy and filling! I would venture to say Whole 30 has improved my work productivity by 15%. I do better work and more of it because I am eating in the office. Which spells great things for me in 2 ways. I get good work done and I get done so I can be present in mind and body when I get home to the family!

Get home play with the girls….their favorite game is alligator pit which entails me chasing them and eating their ribs.  Actually a great time for us all and I almost want to cry right now as I think about the day I say hey girls ya’ll wanna play alligator pit and they look at me like I am crazy! We manage to calm everybody down around 6:30 or at least start the process and sit down for dinner……ok I must confess Stacy and I don’t actually sit down that much but we do know we should! Dinner is a mixture of baked chicken breast leftovers from Freida’s, tuna and pecan stuffed jalapenos, and apple slices with almond butter.

Get the kids in the bath and off to sleep hopefully by 8 and the day is a success! I would venture a bet that many of you have a very similar daily routine! God Bless and until next time remember…….turkey squat in a coffee pot (Dakota’s favorite saying these days)…….Later the Cooking Cowboy!

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