VP Of Operations, Scott Cooney: Whole30 More Than Just A Nutritious Re-Set Of The Body

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Nicole Davenport and I started the Whole15 (Ramp up to Whole30) after Christmas. Eliminating dairy and sugar was our first initiative. And, for me, it really wasn’t and hasn’t been that difficult a transition (for sugar and dairy). 

I did keep asking: “Are you sure you want to start this on January 1?”  I asked this of myself, I asked Neil as we were driving across Texas and Oklahoma last week and I asked Stacy over the speaker phone on New Year’s Eve.  The answer was: we are starting the challenge on January 1. 

I mentioned that Neil and I were driving through Oklahoma and Texas; pretty late in the afternoon and early evening of New Years.  I start getting pictures of people celebrating and Nicole is asking me when will you be home?  All I can think of: how to I keep from drinking a glass of wine or champagne!  Some of you know; however, most do not: I have almost stopped drinking alcohol, but this challenge is ZERO, O, zilch alcohol.   Not one sip, not one glass PERIOD.  So, I am kicking a big can….

Luckily, by the time I got home, we were too tired to celebrate and we opted to go to bed and get up early on New Year’s Day for a trip to San Angelo. 

At the crack of dawn, we are up, it’s day one of the Whole 30 challenge and I put together a Turkey, Pederson’s Bacon, Spinach and Egg Omelet for us.  Not too shabby for our first official Whole30 compliant meal.  Nicole has been on the phone for 2 days with Whole30 figuring out menus for the Whole30 Food Trailer, so we have not only been versed on the compliance side of Whole30, we are versed in the “Spirit of Whole30”.  Plus, Neil and I bought the Whole30 book while we were in Oklahoma.  So, we pack up a Whole30 inspired Grass-Fed Leg of lamb and load the truck with our entire zoo (less the cats) and head to San Angelo. 

9544_10206953275088374_2272542483234861774_n.jpg(Even our pups got a taste of Whole30 with some Pederson’s No Sugar Bacon grease drippings on top of their regular diet!)

Our friends in San Angelo have no idea we have started Whole30 and we are headed there for New Year Brunch.  This particular friend (Nicole’s Doctor) is a real wine enthusiast.  It’s not so much that I wanted to drink, but, she pulled all the stops on some of the best wine she has collected during her travels the last couple of years.  I didn’t try a sip; although, I did read the labels and had to take a sniff of a couple of them. 

Why?  Well it’s pretty obvious the Whole30 program needs to benefit me.  But in addition, I have a really good friend with Type 1 diabetes.  He’s having a difficult time with his health and he has committed to the program and really needed to.  So, I just kept thinking about not letting him down and being able to let him know I didn’t participate in any toasts over the holiday weekend.  I did drink a lot of Topo-Chico, but that’s compliant. 

The really great thing about the New Year’s Brunch was there were a couple of things we could eat that were 100% compliant.  We were having a good time visiting with everyone and everyone was very curious about us starting the Whole30 Journey.  Then came an invite to stay for supper!  This had started to become difficult late in the afternoon and I was reluctant to commit to another meal with only 2 items being compliant. 

Little did I know, our host had already taken interest in our success.  Debra had spent most of an hour researching and modifying her recipes so we could fully enjoy the evening meal….. And it was delicious.

936578_10206948670413260_7557214951281232270_n.jpg(Seared Mahi Mahi, Ceviche Stuffed Avocado and Butternut Squash Medallions, Day 2 is looking mighty tasty!)

What I thought would be a shaky start to Whole30 really came together as our network of friends pitching-in and making an effort to make us successful in our new Whole30 2016 journey.  Who would have thought Whole30 could have such an “all encompassing” bonding of friends. 

I am feeling like Whole30 is much more than just a nutritious re-set of the body for 2016!

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