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Dave Rohde - Paleo on the GoWe’re excited to announce that you can now buy 4 of our No Sugar, Paleo Friendly, Whole 30 approved products online at If you aren’t familiar with these guys, go check them out! We love working with folks in the industry that share the same vision we do. Great quality, better for you, REAL food… that taste great, is healthy, and convenient as possible.

Paleo on the Go was founded by Dave Rohde in 2012 after experiencing many years of suffering severe food reactions, chest pain, brain fog, stomach pain, chronic fatigue, and other various ailments. He pursued natural and conventional medicine treatments alike, and spent in the tens of thousands of dollars with little improvement. Learning about eating real food through a conversation with his Crossfit coach was the answer he was looking for. Dave quickly dove into as much reading as he could and realized that this “very different way” of eating made a lot of sense. Jumping right in with pretty strict compliance yielded pretty immediate results. You can read more about Dave here.

Head on over to to see what all they have in store!



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