The Boys & Girls of Bacon Compete At Roberts Ranch Smokin’ Red Dirt BBQ in Enid

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This weekend, our very own Cody Lane, Chrissy Lane, Scott Cooney, and Chef Nicole headed out to Enid, Oklahoma to compete in the Roberts Ranch Smokin’ Red Dirt Barbecue contest. These guys have made big plans to bring home the bacon.  We managed to get the inside scoop before they headed out of town, but we’ve been sworn to secrecy.

  • The Team
  • The Cook-Off
  • Scott Cooney
  • Chef Nicole

As reported by, Chef Nicole says,

“I’m counting on them to kind of say, ‘This is what I do or don’t like,'” she said, referring to the team. “It’s a new capsule, as we call it. A new time.

“We have a lot of foodies in this group.” If everyone on the team likes it, the judges won’t toss it out, Davenport said.” You’ve got to knock it out of the park with one bite, because that’s all the judges are ever going to put in their mouth,” she said. “This is such an evolving sport.”

Barbecue competitions are very competitive, Davenport said.

You can read the full article posted on here.

Best of luck team Pederson’s! We are cheering you on from Texas!


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