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We’re continually looking for ways to promote environmental stewardship and reduce waste. So, we’re letting our actions speak louder than our words by offering innovative products devoted to using the “whole hog.” We’re dedicated to sustainability, and this is just one more step in the right direction.

Because of the pork belly shortage felt globally, everyone’s favorite breakfast meat has been more difficult to come by. And, well, that’s really not okay. Why can’t we make bacon from something other than the belly? With that goal in mind, we challenged our Research & Development gurus with the task of solving the problem. In true expert fashion, our R&D department figured out a way to utilize other parts of the pig without sacrificing the flavor and quality that’s made us famous. So what did they come up with?

Pick one of the cuts below and find out just how far the whole hog can go!  

Now that’s sustainability!

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  • pig-shoulder
  • pig-loin
  • pig-ham
  • pig-belly